About Me



I have been fortunate to have a previous career in exercise physiology and sought my masters in Social Work when I realized my passion centered on helping people make the changes they desire.  

With experience in long term care, outpatient medical setting, community mental health and inpatient substance abuse, I have a holistic approach to therapy involving multiple therapeutic approaches and skill development.   These approaches include teaching, using DBT skills, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, EFT, SP, Mindfulness, Supportive and Solution Focused therapies.

I moved from Michigan several
years ago to be closer to family, primarily my 3 grand daughters, and, of course, my daughter and son in law.   I like to spend as much time as possible outside, either gardening, hiking with Bailey and Charli (my dogs), exercising or just sitting on the front porch swing.  

Relationship Counseling


When  we enter into relationships, we don't spend much time thinking about  "Wow, this is hard work" or "I'm tired of thinking about what my partner  wants" but often that is what happens.  Daily life, work and parenting  tend to become our focus and our intimate relationships can suffer.  It  is very important to refocus on our intimate relationships and work on  them.  

A healthy, fulfilling and emotionally connected intimate relationship makes all the the daily difficulties much less overwhelming and much more joyful. 

Individual Counseling


I   enjoy working with adults, age 18 and older, focusing on anxiety,   depression, adjustment to life changes, grief/loss, parenting issues  and  personality disorders.  My approach in  individual therapy is based on the needs and desired outcomes of each  client.  Together we work on issues that are important to the  individual.